CFP: This is Not Your Home (11/1/06; ACLA, 4/19/07-4/22/07)

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Richard House
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Call for seminar papers for the American Comparative Literature
Association Annual Conference 2007,
"Trans, Pan, Inter: Cultures in Contact"
Puebla, Mexico
April 19-22, 2007

Deadline: 1 November 2006

Seminar Title: This is Not Your Home

This seminar invites papers which consider the relationship between
representations of place (specifically sites which have undergone
significant change through crisis - war, violence, gentrification), and
the shifting politics of representation itself. Are there habits of
representation? Do writers (reportage, fiction, published journals)
present a unified 'version' of a place (i.e., memoirs of Vietnam and
Cambodia, accounts of post-war Italian South, reportage on AIDS in Africa,
accounts in recent US fiction of 9/11), and how do such representations
tally with 'historic' or 'popular' representations of these places and
cultures? What kinds of writing (what kinds of debates) are possible when
a site/subject is contested? What ethical, political, or moral
obligations are there upon a writer (a journalist, a fiction writer, a
cultural critic etc.,) when a place and people are subjected to crisis?

Please submit abstracts online at by 1 November 2006 and
indicate "This is Not Your Home" as the seminar topic. If you wish, you
may also send a copy of the abstract to Richard House (

For further information on the conference, please see

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