CFP: Empathy and Ethics (11/1/06; CEA, 4/12/07-4/14/07)

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Lisa E. Bernstein
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CEA 2007 -- Special Session on "Self and Other: Defining, Constructing,
and Representing Relationships through Empathy and Ethics"

The 38th Annual College English Association Conference
New Orleans, Louisiana, April 12-14, 2007

Conference Theme: Empathy and Ethics

UPDATED Deadline for all proposals: November 1, 2006
UPDATED Conference Dates: April 12-14, 2007
UPDATED: Submission Guidelines (Please see below):

I am coordinating a set of panels on the topic of "Self and Other:
Defining, Constructing, and Representing Relationships through Empathy
and Ethics," for the 2007 National College English Association Annual
Conference. We welcome individual and panel presentation proposals that
address the ways in which relationships build on, negotiate, and/or lack
a framework of empathy and ethics between oneself and others.

In An Ethics of Remembering: History, Heterology, and the Nameless
Others, Edith Wyschogrod raises significant questions with her
statement: "The history of ethics attests that, from the pre-Socratics
to the present, philosophers have attempted to adjudicate the
conflicting claims of self and other, to frame a concept of justice that
would subsume them" (xii). To what extent is "justice" an appropriate
model for conceptualizing and evaluating relationships? What types of
"conflicting claims" circumscribe and dominate different types of
relationships? What role do empathy and ethics play in determining the
way we relate to others? How do issues of power and equality impact our
ability to empathize with others and to relate to others in ethical

Proposals might consider the history, politics, and representation of
the empathy and ethics of relationships, as they relate to our personal,
professional, and academic lives. Some possible issues are:

* Classroom relationships: teacher--student; student--student;
student/school--object of study
* Cultural constructions of relationships between the individual and
his/her community
* Continuity and change in historical concepts of "relationship"
* The role of empathy and ethics in defining relationships as normative
versus "deviant"
* Memory and forgetting of the "other"
* Ethics and empathy as ways of reifying or dissolving boundaries
between "self" and "other"
* Speaking for "the other"
* Recovery of the lost or missing "other"
* Assimilation of/affiliation with the "other"
Submission Instructions

New submissions policies apply this year. No longer will proposals in
special panel areas be submitted directly to special panels chairs.
Instead, CEA prefers to receive all submissions, including those for
special panels, electronically through our conference management
database housed at the following web address.=20

Electronic submissions open September 15th and close on November 1st.=20

Abstracts for proposals should be between 200 and 500 words in length
and should include a title.

Submitting electronically is a two-step process: (1) setting up a user
ID, then (2) using that ID to log in-this time to a welcome page which
provides a link for submitting proposals to the conference. =20

If submitting a panel, panel organizers should create user IDs for all
proposed participants.

Though CEA prefers to receive proposals through the conference database,
we will accept hard copy proposals, postmarked no later than October
15th, via regular mail. Hard-copy proposals should include the following

Panel organizers should include the above information for all proposed

* Name
* Institutional affiliation (if applicable)
* Mailing address (including zip code)
* Phone number
* E-mail address=20
* Title for the proposed presentation.
* Abstract of 200-500 words
* A-V equipment needs, if any
* Special needs, if any

If you are willing to serve as a session chair or respondent, please
indicate this in your cover letter.

Important Information

Address hard copy submissions and any other conference correspondence to
the Program Chair.

Ed Demerly
English Division
Henry Ford Community College
5101 Evergreen Road
Dearborn MI 48128-1495
Office Phone: 313.645.9659

CEA membership is required for all presenters. Conference registration
material will arrive in January and will indicate registration fee
payment deadlines at that time. However, CEA membership dues must be
paid by January 1, 2007, for presenters' names to appear on the program.

Special Panels

As with conference-theme proposals, new submissions policies apply this
year to special topic panel proposals. No longer will proposals in
special panel areas be submitted directly to special panel chairs.
Instead, CEA prefers to receive all such submissions electronically
through our conference management database housed at the following web
address: =20

Special panels will be organized in the following areas. If your
proposal addresses one of these areas, submit your proposal to the
database (directions above) by November 1st. Note: Hard copy proposals
will also be accepted, but must be sent through U.S. mail by October
15th to Ed Demerly (address above).

Questions? Contact Ed Demerly at

* To preserve time for discussion, CEA limits all presentations to
15 minutes.
* Notifications of proposal status will be sent around December
* All presenters must join CEA by 1 January, 2007 to appear on the
* No one may read more than one paper at the conference.
* CEA does not sponsor or fund travel or underwrite participant

Note to Graduate Students

Graduate students may submit their conference presentation for the CEA
Best Papers Award, which carries a small prize. Information on how to
submit that paper will be sent to accepted panelists after the
membership deadline.

Graduate students are asked to identify themselves in their proposals so
that we might send information about the Best Paper Award when it is

Special Panel Coordinator:
Lisa Bernstein
University of Maryland University College
PG Metro III, Room 7733
3501 University Blvd. East
Adelphi, MD 20783
Fax: 240.582.2993
Phone: 240.582.2838

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