CFP: (Land)scapes & Reflections (France) (11/20/06; 6/14/07-6/15/07)

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An International Conference to be held at the University of Caen
Basse-Normandie - France -
         14 & 15 June 2007 -

    A (land)scape does not just spring up into existence, and is no absolute
either. In it, through it, a certain culture, and desires express
themselves, a subject is speaking, discourses are interwoven and
disseminated. Our conference will endeavour to sketch the many
crisscrossings which happen in a landscape.

    One of the objectives of this conference will be to avoid descriptions ‹
apart from what concerns their functions. We will not piece together a
landscape-patchwork. Rather, we will question the forms given to such or
such (land)scape, going beyond first sights. What has set, exactly, in that
form? What reflections does it set into play? We will work on the
heterogeneity, the crossings and transports which are at play in all
    € Thus may be pondered the question of the paradigm: is there an
original (land)scape? What models and combinations are at work ?
    € Thus may also be pondered the question of the stuff a landscape is
made of.
    € The question of the « present » of a (land)scape will also be raised.
    € The question of its reasons, too.
    € And many many more.

    This conference can be imagined as the putting together of a practical
and theoretical tool-box. Every speaker, examining one or a few expressed
(land)scapes, will focus on the forms and modes of reflections which
manifest themselves there.
    The wider the historical, geographical and critical fields represented
in this conference, the richer the tool-box.

    Please send your abstracts to Pascale Guibert (
before 20 November 2006.
    Notification of accepted panelists before the end of December.

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