CFP: Reconstruction 8.4: Visualization and Narrative (12/15/07; journal issue)

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Justin M. Scott-Coe

Call For Papers
Visualization and Narrative: A themed issue of Reconstruction

Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture
<> is soliciting papers for a special themed
issue on visualisation and narrative--with special reference to
filmmaking, information design, and computing.

Visualisation consists of the visual representation and analysis of
processes over time, in dynamically changing information spaces.

As filmmaking has moved to digital formats in writing screenplays,
making images and sounds and editing and manipulating those images,
all filmmaking processes are actually or potentially subject to

This has led to new metaphors--for example the timeline, and the
possibility of applying techniques such as data mining and network
mapping to other areas of film production.

Papers looking at current and possible application of visualisation
techniques to the writing, realising and editing of films are
particularly encouraged. Papers can for example look at the influence
of interface design and visualisation on film practice and aesthetics.
This will include the effect of non-linear editing and effects and the
introduction of the timeline as a dominant metaphor for visualisation
in film.

We would also like to encourage contributions from scientific
disciplines where visualisation has transformed the understanding of
the process, or enabled a different perception of narrative.

Film is particularly interesting as a focus of study, because as well
as being an industrial and aesthetic practice which can be differently
approached and understood through visualisation, it is itself a form
of visualisation, which transforms social relationships and events
into image-based narrative developing over time. Film language is
therefore the ultimate source of many of the techniques of
visualisation. We see potential for a productive dialogue between
disciplines which looks at the changes that visualisation can or will
bring to filmmaking but also looks at what film language and film
techniques have to contribute to visualisation and the dynamic
relationship between visualisation and narrative.

Completed papers are are to be submitted by December 15, 2007 to Lina
Khatib <>. Revisions will be due in March 2008;
publication expected in October 2008.

Guest Editors: Adam Ganz and Lina Khatib

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