CFP: Regenerations: Theatre and Performance as a Regenerative Force with New Orleans as the Reference Point (11/1/06; ATHE, 7/26

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Richard Pettengill
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I=92m writing in my capacity as Conference Planner for the Dramaturgy=20
Focus Group of the Association for Theater in Higher Education. It's=20
time to open the floor for panel ideas for ATHE '07, July 26-29 in New=20=

Orleans at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel. This year, the theme of the=20=

conference is:



1. Rebuilding - histories of rebirth: post-Katrina, post-Civil War,=20
post-Louisiana Purchase
2. Regrowth - ecological realities, recycling, renewing (the crawfish=20
can grow a new limb)
3. Repetition/Revision - jazz riffs, seasons and cycles, carnival, the=20=

second line
4. Reimagining - the next New Orleans--the first 21st Century American=20=

5. Referencing - differences and similarities: race, gender, culture,=20
generation, vision

Theatre is ephemeral. Nothing is permanent. Post-Katrina New Orleans is=20=

a powerful reminder of these truths. The 2007 Conference Committee=20
invites submissions of panels and workshops that react to and reflect=20
the theme of Regenerations. In a city where the street itself is=20
performance, the 2007 Conference offers a multitude of possibilities=20
for celebration, exploration, and revitalization through creative=20
approaches the theme and concepts.

Think outside the box on this one! I look forward to your ideas, and=20
will do my best to link you up with other like-minded folks I've been=20
in touch with. Keep in mind that:

-Focus Groups have the opportunity to apply for a grant to develop a=20
project or event that will benefit our constituents. Deadline for=20
grants is November 15.

-Sessions and panel proposals must be submitted electronically via=20
<>. Deadline: November 1st. November is just=20
around the corner! Though proposals don't officially go through me, do=20=

drop me a line with your ideas. I'm happy to help develop a proposal,=20
and it's also good to make sure that our Focus Group doesn't end up=20
with redundant sessions.

-A minimum of three Focus Groups must be involved for a session to go=20
forward as Multidisciplinary, and any Focus Group Conference Planner=20
can reject a Multidisciplinary panel that they were not consulted=20
about. So if you're interested in pitching a Multidisciplinary panel,=20=

be sure to be in touch the Conference Planner of those Focus Groups=20

Finally, here are two ideas I=92ve received already. The first is from=20=

Geoff Proehl at the University of Puget Sound:

I'm working with a writer from New Orleans, now in Tacoma, who is=20
writing a series of monologues about Katrina; is anyone else working=20
with a writer responding to Katrina or perhaps a similar event? If so,=20=

we could perhaps create a panel around this. If you are interested in=20=

one way or another, contact me at

Also, D.J. Hopkins is putting together a Multidisciplinary panel on=20
translation. If you are interested in getting involved, contact him at=20=

That's all for now. I hope to be in touch with many of you soon.


Richard Pettengill

Richard Pettengill, Ph.D.
Asst. Prof. of English and Theater
Lake Forest College
555 N. Sheridan Rd. Box G8
Lake Forest IL 60045-2409
(847) 735-5148

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