CFP: Settler Colonialism (Ireland) (2/1/07; 6/27/07-6/30/07)

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Maureen O'Connor



Centre for Irish Studies, National University of Ireland, Galway


27-30 June 2007


Settler colonisers come to stay. They seek to replace native peoples on -
or, at least, displace them from - their land. Characteristically, the
outcome is a conflictual coexistence through which indigenous and invasive
societies historically transform one another. In addition to the classic
sites of European settler colonialism (Ireland, the Americas, Africa,
Australasia), settler colonialism structures relationships as historically
and culturally diverse as those between Israelis and Palestinians, Japanese
and Ainu, Chinese and Tibetans, Indonesians and Papuans, 'Americans' and
Hawaiians, Tswana and Khoi-san.


We invite conceptual, comparative, transnational, or locally focused
contributions to a wide-ranging interdisciplinary discussion of settler
colonialism and indigenous alternatives, past and present. Thematically,
papers might address issues such as: native resistance and survival;
cultural adaptation and renaissance; invasions and frontiers; sovereignties
(titles, treaties, terra nullius, etc.); middle grounds, interludes, spaces
of mutuality; internal colonisation; assimilation; race and place (the Pale,
reservations, urban zoning, segregation, etc.); settler colonialism and the
question of genocide; reparation and reconciliation; diaspora/exile;
indigenous people and multiculturalism; settler and indigenous literature;
gender; social class; religion; political economy, economics, and


A central part of the Conference will be devoted to Ireland which was
unusually both a site and a source of settler colonialism. Issues addressed
might include: Ireland as settler colony; the 'Plantations'; Ireland as
'mother country'; the Irish as random emigrants or systematic colonisers;
missions and Ireland's 'spiritual empire'.


Papers should be no longer than 20 minutes. Please send an abstract, of not
more than 300 words (electronic submissions preferred), to: before 1 February 2006.

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