CPF: Business/Corporate Culture (11/1/06; PCA/ACA, 4/7/07-4/10/07)

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Leslie Fife
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  2007 PCA/ACA National Conference
  APRIL 4 - 7, 2007
  Business Culture / Corporate Culture Area
  The Popular Culture Association and the American Culture Association invite papers on organizational culture. We are particularly interested in works that explore the link between corporate culture and popular culture.
  Suggested Topics:
  --communication skills (writing, reading, and culture)
  --"conscious capitalism"
  --the differences between business and popular culture
  --transforming organizations
  --stereotypes of/in the "business world"
  --changing gender roles in business
  --how does popular culture influence business culture and vs. versa
  --becoming a learning organization
  --status and status symbols at the work place
  --leadership in organizations
  --team-based organizations
  --conflicts of interest within organizations
  --identity at work
  --balancing health and work
  --balancing family and work
  --ethnic clashes within organizations
  --future trends in corporate culture
  Submission Guidelines:
  Please send an abstract in MS Word format not to exceed 250 words. Include your name, affiliation, correspondence address, e-mail address and telephone number. Please include a copy of your CV with your abstract.
  Address your submissions to Diana Osborne
  at dosborne_at_scc.spokane.edu or diana_at_osborneconsulting.us
  Important Deadlines:
  Abstract Submission Deadline: 1st of November 2006.
  Notification of Acceptance: 15th of November 2007
  For details refer to the PCA/ACA website:

Leslie Fife, Ph.D.
Program Coord., Nat'l PCA/ACA
Visiting Asst. Prof., Tech Writing
Director of English 3323/Tech Writing
English Dept., 205 Morrill Hall
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078
405.624.8428; fax 405.744.6326
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