CFP: Donald Goines (12/22/06; collection)

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L.H. Stallings
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Literary Hustler of Hood: Critical Essays and Reflections on the
Works of Donald Goines.

Thirty years ago, Donald Goines began writing fiction that
continues to resonate with the masses across the globe. Still in
print and very profitable to many, Goines?s work, however,
continues to be undervalued by Black or ?African American?
literary and cultural critics in academia, particularly. Hence,
we are seeking entries for a collection of essays on Donald
Goines. To date, there has not been one substantial book of
criticism on his fiction. We are therefore looking to fill this
tremendous gap with this project. The collection aims to finally
offer a set of complex and nuanced analysis of his writing, life,
and influence. We aim for the collection to be interdisciplinary,
to challenge disciplines, and to defy traditional readings and
understandings of Donald Goines, the author, and his whole body of

                                Possible topics/interests
Postwar Black fiction
Black Nationalism and Goines
Prison literature and Goines
Hip-hop culture and Goines
Soul and Goines
Post-blackness and Goines
Black middle class politics
Lower-class/underclass politics
Military and Goines
Masculinity and Goines
Women and Goines
Drugs and Goines
Goines and movie adaptation
Crime and criminality and Goines
Geography and Goines
Aesthetics and Goines
The French/International audience and Goines
Love (familial, platonic, lovers) and Goines
Friendship in Goines
Chicano representation and Goines
Blaxploitation and Goines
Realism and Goines
African American Literary Canon
African American popular fiction
Rumors, myths, and Goines
Gender and sexuality in Goines
Queerness and Goines
Alternative publishing and Goines
Goines and Iceberg Slim
Goines and Chester Himes
Goines and transnationalism
Goines and diaspora
Goines and globalism
Urban spaces & Goines
Donald Goines in the classroom/teaching Goines

Please e-mail abstracts (250-500 words) to Dr. L.H. Stallings
( and Dr. Greg Thomas (
by December 22, 2006. Submit abstracts in MS Word. Completed
essays will be due by September 1, 2007.

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