CFP: Nebula: Generalist/All Topics (12/1/06; online publication)

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The Super Issue of Nebula is now online with unrestricted access at http:=
//www.nobleworld.bizYou might also like to view our archives as well as t=
he Special Project CFP, both of which are available through the website.T=
he journal is now accepting submissions for its 10th issue, Nebula 3.4. P=
lease visit our website to learn more information about the journal, our =
submission guidelines and policies (

Nebula is an online academic periodical which is interested in all things=
 intellectual with the intention of providing a platform for interdiscipl=
inary reading.Unlike other academic periodicals, Nebula is not limited to=
 one Faculty or subject.We accept academic articles from any discipline p=
rovided that these are written in non-specialist language and in a manner=
 that appeals to a broad audience.Nebula also publishes intellectual writ=
ings that may not necessarily meet the generic conventions of an academic=
 article.In addition, we encourage academics and intellectuals to partici=
pate in a public debate as regards world politics.We particularly welcome=
 submissions of a marginal or =E2=80=9Cagainst the grain=E2=80=9D nature =
and those that heavily interrogate popular political ideologies in a soun=
d and well-evidenced manner.Writings of high calibre that are particularl=
y underrepresented in other academic periodicals are most welcome for con=
sideration.Nebula also publishes literary and art works and is willing to=
 consider any (graphic, cartoon etc.) material, which can be published on=
 the world wide web.Submissions intended for Nebula are not limited by a =
particular house style; we simply ask that whichever referencing style is=
 being used, that it is used consistently and thoroughly throughout each =

Submissions for Nebula 3.4 are due December 1, 2006.
Email articles in .doc or equivalent to or editors@=

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