CFP: Seeing Things: Irish Studies and Visual Culture (Ireland) (1/31/07; 6/25/07)

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 Call for Papers - Seeing Things: Irish Studies and Visual Culture

Proposals are invited for Seeing Things: Irish Studies and Visual =
Culture, an interdisciplinary visual cultural studies conference to be =
hosted at the University of Limerick in June 2007. This three day =
international event will bring together a wide range of scholars and =
practitioners working with and across different media, including =
photography, sculpture, art history, film, digital culture, animation, =
popular visual art, printing, historiography, gender studies, literary =
studies, among others, and who address the intersection(s) of the visual =
register and Ireland. Seeing Things aims to map the state of visual =
cultural studies on the island of Ireland and across various borders. In =
so doing it will provide academics and practitioners the opportunity to =
showcase and engage with contemporary efforts to address key issues =
relating to visuality in the context of concern with notions and =
problematics of Ireland and Irishness. It is expected that selected =
conference papers will be collected in an edited volume. In addition to =
this, issues raised and work presented in the forum will also provide =
the basis for the launch of a new journal to be housed at University of =
Limerick, Irish Visual Cultural Studies.

At present, there are an ever-increasing number of scholars and =
practitioners located both within and without Ireland who are concerned =
with visual cultural studies in a fully or partially Irish context. =
However, given the comparatively recent emergence of visual cultural =
studies as a transdisciplinary formation together with the fact that =
scholars and practitioners are scattered throughout the island - and =
beyond - there is little overall sense of the types of questions being =
raised and interventions being made. Hence, there is little overall =
knowledge of the ways in which an expanding intellectual formation is =
gradually being written into Irish culture and society and little sense =
of the ways in which formations of Irishness and material conditions =
existing within contemporary Ireland have inflected this formation. =
Therefore, the goal of Seeing Things is to provide a space in which =
scholars, practitioners and other interested parties can begin to =
address these and related issues.=20

Abstract submissions to be sent via email by January 31st 2007 and =
should be 300/400 words in length

Contact Details: Dr Kate Boulay, Department of Languages and Cultural =
Studies, University of Limerick, Ireland.
Dr E=F3in Flannery, Department of Languages and Cultural Studies, =
University of Limerick, Ireland. E=F3in

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