CFP: Sexual perversions 1650-1850 (1/31/07; collection)

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Julie Peakman

CALL FOR PAPERS: Sexual perversions 1650-1850.


Contributors are sought for a new book on 'A History of Sexual =
1650-1850'. We specifically seek articles within the boundaries of =
history of sexuality which examine so-called sexual 'perversions'; this =
might include any sexual behaviour which was considered perverse or =
'abnormal' for its time and would include certain heterosexual, =
homosexual, lesbian, transgender, transvestite etc. practices; and why =
was such behaviour was seen as 'abnormal', 'perverse' or threatening; =
subjects for discussion might be considered include bestiality, =
flagellation, sex with children, fetishes, sado-masochism etc.=20


We are particularly interested in historically based articles but =
interdisciplinary approaches are welcome.
 We are looking for clearly written essays on instances of so-called =
'abnormal' sexual behaviour in
 historical texts which predate the official naming events or labels =
such as 'perversity' 'homosexuality', 'lesbianism' "inversion," =
"masochism," et. al, thereby complicating the historical
  picture of discursive and sexual practice; and in articles which =
address the constructionalism verses essentialism debate.


  Preference will be given to eighteenth-century sources, but 1650-1850 =
is the general range.
Articles between 6-9000 words welcome with a hard copy by Jan 31st 2007 =

Julie Peakman

2 Kings Garth

29 London rd

London SE23 3TT=20


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