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For a full description of this contracted three-volume work, contact John C. Hawley, Dept. of English, Santa Clara University (jhawley_at_scu.edu)

Title: LGBTQ America Today

Although homosexuality in its many manifestations has been a significant factor in societies throughout the ages and across cultures, the real explosion of its politics and visibility has taken place in the last 45 years and, arguably, most identifiably within the United States. This three-volume work will trace that history and demonstrate its worldwide implications as one of the sometimes overlooked aspects of the globalization process that, though not only American, is nonetheless heavily identified with and empowered by the current position in the world of the United States.

Scope, Purpose, and Audience:

This project is envisioned as an interdisciplinary record of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and queer life in the United States over the last 50 years. The emphasis will be on those individuals still living, though there will be enough history to provide the needed context for an understanding of the contemporary situation. Entries will focus on individual figures (Adrienne Rich, Andy Warhol), on key concepts (bisexuality, the closet), historical events that have contemporary relevance (the Stonewall Riots, the Harlem Renaissance), sociopolitical issues (gay marriage), religion and spirituality (Metropolitan Community Church), popular culture (television shows with gay and lesbian characters), etc. The project will keep pace with an ever-changing aspect of American culture, and will place a heavier focus on literary culture than the other similar encyclopedias. At the same time, it will maintain an interdisciplinary approach and will cross-reference relevant ent!
 ries. This 600,000 word, three-volume work of record will be directed towards academics and students, beginning with high school and extending to the professoriate. Contributors will be asked to avoid jargon.

Advisor Board: Judith Butler, Eli Coleman, Paul Crowley, S.J., Judith Halberstam, Michael Horberg, MD, Karen C. Krahulik, Ed Stein, Claude J. Summers, Yvonne Yarbro-Bejarano.

REMAINING UNASSIGNED ENTRY LIST: (the vast majority of topics have been assigned; these are the ones that remain; due date for entries is 1/15/07; number following entry is number of words allotted to the entry)

Architects (Israel, Franklin D.; Johnson, Philip; Rudolph, Paul) 300 [words in length]
Artists and Photographers:
Angus, Patrick 300
Bachardy, Don 300
Bamber, Julie 300
Howe, Delmas 300
Madrone, Hawk 300

Associations and Organizations:
APLBN (Asian Pacific Lesbian Bisexual Network) 300
Black Took Collective and Fire and Ink 200
Deaf Queer Resource Center (www.deafqueer.org) 750
NOGLSTP (National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals, Inc. 250
        OutRage 300

Bars in the Lesbian Movement 1,000

Health and Health Care Law and Policy 3,000

Lesbian Movement:
Abbott, Sidney; Barbara Love; Del Martin; Phyllis Lyon; Bunch, Charlotte (The Furies) 1,500
American Indian Feminism [Paula Gunn Allen, Chrytos, Beth Brant, et al) 1,200
Asian American Feminism 1,200


Mystery and Detective Fiction 2,500
Gay Pulp Fiction 2,000

Novelists, gay:

Abbott, Steve 300
Boone, Bruce 300
Cassady, Marsh 150
Chester, Alfred 300
Curzon, Daniel 300
Davis, Christopher 300
Fox, John 300
Friedman, Sanford 500
Gilgun, John 300
Glickman, Gary 500
Graham, Clayton R. 300
Gurganus, Allan 500
Huston, Bo 300
Johnson, Fenton 300
Killian, Kevin 300
McCauley, Stephen 300
McGehee, Peter 300
Mitchell, Larry 300
Porter, Joe Ashby 300
Purdy, James 500
Reed, Paul 300
Stadler, Matthew 300
Strong, Jonathan 300
Weltner, Peter 300
Windham, Donald 300
Novelists, Lesbian:
Bloch, Alice 300
Elana Dykewomon 300
Fleming, Kathleen 300
Grae, Camarin 300
Koertge, Noretta 300
Loewenstein, Andrea Freud 300
McConnell, Vicki P. 300
McDaniel, Judith 300
Nonas, Elisabeth 300
Osborne, Karen Lee 300
Toder, Nancy 300
Villanueva, Chea 300

Poets, Gay:

Introductory Essay on Gay Poetry 1,500

Bibbins, Mark 200
Corn, Alfred 300
Field, Edward 300
Groff, David 200
Hine, Daryl 300
Holland, Walter 300
Klein, Michael 200
McCann, Richard 200
Mohring, Ron 200
Nasim, Ifti 300
Norse, Harold 300
Pobo, Kenneth 300
Tayson, Richard 200
Teare, Brian 200
Trinidad, David 300

Poets, Lesbian:
Opening Essay (very brief history; recurring themes): 1,500

Arellano, Cathy 150
Barrington, Judith 300
Bashir, Samiya 200
Blackwomon, Julie 300
Courtot, Martha 300
Davenport, Doris 300
Fukaya, Michiyo 300
Gardinier, Suzanne 300
Goodman, Melinda 300
Isabell, Sharon 300
Jewell, Terri L. 300
Kim, Willyce 300
Klepfisz, Irena 300
Lapidus, Jacqueline 300
Rodríguez, Aleida 300
Ruth, Barbara 300
Sherman, Susan 300
Tsui, Kitty 300
Winant, Fran 500
Baum, Terry 250
Coss, Clare 500
Drake, David 250
Dreher, Sarah Anne 500

Brown, Ronald K. 300
Joffrey, Robert 750
Morris, Mark 750
Taylor, Paul 900


Cummings, Conrad; Chris Di Blasio; Robert Helps; William Hibbard; Jerry Hunt; Robert Maggio 320
Del Tredici, David 650
Heggie, Jake 400
Hersch, Fred 200
Thomas, Michael Tilson 500
Politics and Activism:

Community-Based Organizing 1,500
Politicians (including Barney Frank, James Hormel, et al) 1,000
Regional Studies:
New York 2,750

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