CFP: Ecocriticism and Science: Sociobiology, Evolutionary Biology and the Question of Culture (12/1/06; ASLE, 6/12/07-6/16/07)

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Feder, Helena
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Panel proposal for the upcoming conference of the Association for the =
Study of Literature and Environment at Wofford College, South Carolina, =
June 12-16 2007


Ecocriticism and Science: Sociobiology, Evolutionary Biology, and the =
Question of Culture


It should not be so very shocking for those who study literature and =
environment to learn that we are not the only culture-makers in nature. =
Prominent scientists in many disciplines - from sociobiology and =
evolutionary biology to ecology and beyond - already recognize the =
existence of culture in a great many other creatures. Of course, the =
notion that animals and other creatures have culture is not a recent =
discovery for many; most people who work with animals on a regular basis =
(out of the confines of the laboratory or slaughterhouse) have sensed =
this possibility for centuries. This panel will consider the =
implications of this knowledge -- sociobiological, evolutionary, and =
ecological -- for ecocriticism and human culture.


Please submit abstracts between 450 and 650 words to Professor Helena =
Feder ( by December 1.

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