CFP: Membranous Topographies: Special Issue of journal Discourse (9/15/07; journal issue)

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Scott Weintraub
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"Membranous Topographies"

Special issue of *Discourse: **Journal for Theoretical Studies in Media and
Culture ***

Wayne State University Press

An upcoming issue of *Discourse* will examine the ways in which m embranes
both expand and delimit the operation of frontiers, borders, and margins by
engaging the interplay between permeability and impermeability. These
literal and figurative membranes also suggest the return of the corporeal or
the animal, thereby inviting reflection on questions of visuality, disease,
third spaces, and sexuality, among others. For example, what happens to
the viability of the membrane when it is radically crossed, probed,
inhabited, or violated? *Discourse* seeks articles that address the
membrane's movement of crossing over or translating through the realms of
literary, filmic, and other modes of cultural production, in addition to
law, politics, history, philosophy, queer and gender studies,
psychoanalysis, interdisciplinary studies, physics, M-theory, etc. Articles
must be formatted in MLA style. The deadline for receipt of articles is
September 15, 2007. Please email all materials and queries to
*Discourse*Guest Editors, Jess Boersma and Scott Weintraub (

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