CFP: Peace Panel (11/30/06; CEA, 4/12/07-4/14/07)

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Robert Madison
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Morality, Militarism and Ante-Modernity


38th Annual College English Association Conference

New Orleans, Louisiana, April 12-14, 2007


One of the key features of conservative politics is that it insistently
evokes a nostalgic, sentimental past as the norm. In other words, its
strategy in dealing with the modern is to hate it and prefer the pre-modern
(the ante-modern).


We can see how ante-modernity has been dangerous with respect to war making:
the Bush administration continues to pretend that the so-called War on
Terror is like the "Good War," that is, WWII: We are an allied force
fighting evil. The currency in the WoT's bank is that if we can dress it up
to resemble WWII, then we can neutralize any anxiety about it.


Going depressingly farther back to the end of the reign of Victoria, we can
find multi-national corporations stirring up nation against nation through
proxy wars fought on colonial soil. Good War or Boer War? Are we in a new
Victorianism, or an even worse Halliburton-ism with win-or-lose irrelevant
as long as the markets stay open?


Have we witnessed a total collapse of the American Left and descended into
an Old World Order? Is Progressivism a fairy tale, only told around the
fireside in reminiscent tones? Is Peace possible, or only a counter-dream?


We invite your response-nostalgic, incendiary, factual, fanciful, hindsight
or vision.


Submit proposals for fifteen-minute presentations by November 30 clearly
marked "Peace Panel" directly to the College English Association
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