CFP: Rural Representations and Kate Chopin (12/22/06; ALA, 5/24/07-5/27/07)

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Rural Representations and Kate Chopin

Panel sponsored by The Kate Chopin International Society for the American=20
Literature Association 18th Annual Conference (May 24-27, 2007; Boston)

Kate Chopin?s The Awakening (1899) takes place mostly in the urban setting =

of New Orleans. Since the novel?s publication and the subsequent scholarly =

work on Chopin?s texts, particularly in the last forty years, Chopin?s=20
name has become associated with the city. However, many of her stories=20
also were set in rural settings, well beyond New Orleans. This panel,=20
sponsored by the Kate Chopin International Society, proposes to examine=20
the rural representations in Chopin?s works. The panel seeks to raise such =

questions as: What does the ?rural? in Chopin?s texts represent? Who=20
is/are associated with the rural landscape? What social/economic=20
boundaries separate the rural from the urban and who?if anyone?can=20
transcend these boundaries?=20

Marxist, ecocritical, and feminist approaches are encouraged, but the=20
panel is open to other approaches, as well. Panelists are also strongly=20
encouraged to explore Chopin?s lesser known works, beyond The Awakening.

Please send 250-400 word proposals and a short biographical statement to=20
Heather Ostman at by December 22, 2006.

For more information on the Kate Chopin International Society, visit=20

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