CFP: Heidegger & Joyce (1/1/07; collection)

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Heidegger and Joyce: Call for Contributors to an upcoming Anthology

We are seeking to round out a collection with a few essays connecting the
thinking of Heidegger to the works of James Joyce. The underlying goal of
this collection will be to open up avenues for thinking of Joyce as an
equally valid instantiation of the "poetizing-thinking" tradition which
Heidegger located in Holderlin among others.

Possible topics and approaches are very open-ended and might include, for
instance, Joyce and Heidegger's interests in a phenomenology of
everydayness, the relationship of temporality and spatiality in both, the
role of history in both, their differing responses to various kinds of
essentialism, their treatment of the relationship of silence to language,
their similar uses (and abuses) of etymology and philology; also the
common philosophical terrain of both writers, i.e. Aristotelianism,
Scholasticism, etc.

We are hoping to avoid simply restaging the encounter that took place
between Continental thought and Joyce some years back, and as such, the
main requirement would be that both Joyce and Heidegger are taken up

Please email abstracts between 200 and 500 words, along with a CV, to
Chris Eagle ( and Michael Jonik (
by January 1st, 2007.

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