CFP: Oceanic Popular Culture Association Conference (Hawaii) (2/28/07; 5/25/07-5/27/07)

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Cheryl Edelson

Oceanic Popular Culture Association Conference
"Work and Play"
Honolulu, HI
May 25-27, 2007
Chaminade University of Honolulu

Panel and individual paper proposals are now being accepted for the inaugural Oceanic Popular Association Conference. While all
topics and proposals will be considered, those treating the conference theme of "Work and Play" are particularly welcome.

Abstracts/Proposals due Feb. 28, 2007

Theorists as diverse as Michael Oakeshott and Erich Fromm have emphasized the transformative power of play and warned of
the dangerous consequences of misconstruing the relationship between leisure and labor activities. With accelerations in
communications technology such as email, cell-phones, and text-messaging, our workday has become unbounded, suffusing
leisure time along with all other aspects of life. While many contemporary commercials extol the virtue of devices that allow us to work at home or on vacation, others exploit the fantasy of literally throwing one's pager into the sea. Have these technologies
granted us more leisure or accomplished an even more thorough subordination of play to work? Such concerns are particularly
appropriate for an academic conference hosted in Hawai'i, where our primary industry is for better or worse the labor of leisure.
The conference theme of "Work and Play" invites discussions of labor and leisure as both discreet and entangled categories.
Prospective presenters may treat images of work and/or play in literature, film, television, music, and other media. The conference theme also accommodates interpretations of the various forms of "cultural work" performed by the text(s) at hand. In addition to
offering textual analyses, presenters are welcome to discuss cultural practices and traditions that broadly intersect with the conference theme.

Please send 150-200 word proposals (email submissions only) by February 28, 2007 to conference organizers Cheryl Edelson
and/or Stanley Orr

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