UPDATE: Feminism and Popular Culture (UK) (12/1/06; 6/29/07-7/1/07)

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S J Gillis

* Apologies for Cross-posting * Please Forward to Interested Parties *
The Feminist and Women's Studies Association (UK & Ireland) 20th Annual Con=
Feminism and Popular Culture=20
University of Newcastle (June 29th-July 1st, 2007)=20
UPDATE: This conference is open to everyone; however, there will be a reduc=
ed registration rate for members of the FWSA - see http://www.fwsa.org.uk/ =
for more details.=20
UPDATE: Please note that we will not be accepting performance pieces.=20
UPDATE: The conference website - with information about registration, accom=
modation, travel and the programme - is <http://fempopcult.ncl.ac.uk>.
UPDATE: The length of papers is 20 minutes.=20
Keynote Speakers:=20
Pamela Church Gibson=20
Jackie Stacey=20
Yvonne Tasker=20
Imelda Whelehan=20
The popular straddles disciplines, drawing together research that might oth=
erwise remain discretely sited. This conference will interrogate how the po=
pular and feminism has been understood, articulated and represented both in=
 contemporary cultures and throughout history. Interdisciplinary in its app=
roach, the conference will bring together scholars working in the arts, hum=
anities and social sciences.=20
>From molls to grrrls, from blue-stockings to blue movies, abstracts are inv=
ited on all aspects of gender, feminism, women and popular culture. We welc=
ome proposals for papers which investigate the representation of feminism i=
n popular culture as well as papers which theorise the relationship between=
 feminism and the popular.=20
Possible Topics:=20
=A7 The Girlie=20
=A7 Postfeminism=20
=A7 Lesbians on Television=20
=A7 Feminist Role Models=20
=A7 Domesticity=20
=A7 Youth Cultures=20
=A7 The Radical vs. the Popular=20
=A7 Anti-feminism and the Backlash=20
=A7 Transformation of the Public Sphere=20
=A7 The Cult of Celebrity=20
=A7 Rereading the Romance=20
=A7 Body Modification=20
=A7 Genre Fiction=20
=A7 Audience Reception=20
=A7 Cybergrrrls=20
=A7 Pornography=20
=A7 Second and Third Waves=20
=A7 Romantic Comedy=20
Conference Organisers: Stacy Gillis and Melanie Waters=20
Please send 300-word abstracts or 1000-word panel proposals by 1 December 2=
006 to <fempopcult_at_ncl.ac.uk>.=20

Dr Stacy Gillis=20
Lecturer in Modern and Contemporary Literature=20
School of English=20
University of Newcastle=20
Newcastle upon Tyne=20
NE1 7RU, United Kingdom=20
E: stacy.gillis_at_ncl.ac.uk=20
T: +44 (0)191 222 7360=20
F: +44 (0)191 222 8708=20
W: http://www.ncl.ac.uk/elll/staff/profile/stacy.gillis

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