CFP: Interactive Dimensions between Transatlantic and Transpacific American Studies (Portugal) (12/20/06; 9/20/07-9/23/07)

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Tatsushi Narita

---IASA 2007 CALL FOR PAPERSINTERNATIONAL AMERICAN STUDIES ASSOCIATION 2007LISBON, September 20-23, 2007*Seminar Title: Interactive Dimensions between Transatlantic andTranspacific American Studies*Paper Submission Deadline: December 20, 2006*Papers to be Submitted to:*Seminar Organizer: Professor Tatsushi Narita, Nagoya City UniversityDescription:¡ÈTranspacific¡É American studies appears to have been marginalized despitean indispensable role it is expected to play. Even the prevalent sphere ofTransatlantic studies would seem needing redirection. This seminar addressesthose issues which underlie both of admirable Transatlantic studies andemerging Transpacific studies. The crucial point is: In what way doesTransatlantic studies give serious impact on Transpacific studies? And viceversa, obviously: Does Transpacific studies in a state of ferment generateimpetus for redirection of the prevalent Transatlantic studies? This seminarseeks those theoretical and particular explorations which answer directly orindirectly to either of the two crucial questions posed. Topics of thisseminar include, but are not limited to:*Theorizing of transpacific studies in connection with transatlantic studies*Enhancement of Transatlantic studies by introducing part of Transpacificstudies.*Enhancement of Transpacific studies and its role in relativizing theacademic situation of prevailing Euro-American studies*¡ÈAsia Pacific¡É and ¡ÈEuro-American Atlantic¡É relations*An exploration of ¡ÈTranspacific Columbus¡É*The historical roles of Transpacific Spanish Galleon Trade andTransatlantic explorations*Ragtime, jazz and others and Transoceanicity*Explorers and their Transoceanic encounters*Transoceanic men of letters (like William Dampier, James Cook, and LafcadioHearn)*Movies/Comics/Haiku and transpacific and transatlantic encountersQUICK LINKS*IASA Homepage:*IASA-Lisbon World Congress Details:*Individual Paper to be Submitted to Prof.*His Web: ========================================================== From the Literary Calls for Papers Mailing List Full Information at or write Jennifer Higginbotham: ==========================================================Received on Fri Nov 10 2006 - 18:14:06 EST