CFP: Judgment & Apocalypse: Aspects & Approaches (grad) (UK) (2/1/07; 4/13/07-4/14/07)

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KP Clarke

Judgment and Apocalypse: Aspects and Approaches

The third annual Oxford Medieval Graduate Conference will be held at =20
Lincoln College Oxford on April 13th =96 14th 2007 on the theme of =20
Judgement and Apocalypse in the middle ages and Early Modern period. =20=

Contributions are welcome from diverse fields of research such as =20
history of art and architecture, history, theology, philosophy, =20
anthropology, literature and history of ideas.

Papers will be 20 minutes or less.
Please send a 250 word abstract in the body of your email (no =20
attachments please) to by 1 February 2007

Suggested topics:

Human and Divine Justice, lex divina and lex humana
graphic and pictorial representations of judgment (Autun, etc.)
Manuscript representations, sculpture
Changing perceptions of the apocalypse
Artistic, moral and divine judgment
Political, propagandist, ideological uses of the apocalypse
Book of Revelations: exegesis and interpretation
The Reformation and the Book of Revelations
The monastic and mendicant orders and apocalyptic prophecies
Joachim da Fiore and his legacy
Apocalyptic prophecies and popular movements
Last Judgment
Judgment: divine omnipotence and human impotence
Visions of the End
Apocalyptic conception of time =96 cyclical and linear
Apocalypse and the ages of history
Moral didacticism and the judgment of souls
Apocalypse as spiritual revelation
Literary, artistic or philosophical apocalypse
Apocalypse and transcendence

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Kenneth Clarke

KP Clarke
University College
United Kingdom

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