CFP: Performing Identity/Crossing Borders (Cyprus) (12/15/06; 5/3/07-5/5/07)

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>>>Call for Presentations<<<

Performing Identity/Crossing Borders
Abstracts due: Dec. 15, 2006
Presentation Venue: Nicosia, Cyprus, May 3-6, 2007

=85the breakdown of the belief systems or frameworks of meaning that =20
formed the foundation of cultural coherence and continuity until =20
World War Two has provided a breakthrough for artists who have been =20
marginalized by the hegemonous thinking of white patriarchy.=97 Robert =20=

Wallace, Producing Marginality 141

As national borders become more porous and more restrictive, identity =20=

politics and the body =97 in all its manifestations =97 have once again =20=

become a critical concern. As the body crosses borders between =20
nations and identities, corporeality is interpellated, fictionalized, =20=

reconfigured, and detained within a socially sanctioned construction =20
of security and necessity. This performance symposium will address =20
how bodies pass between identities, across borders, and how the =20
constraints of gendered, sexualized and racialized imperatives might =20
be interrogated, challenged, or inverted. As Judith Butler states, =20
certain forms of identity =93might at once be produced as a troubling =20=

return, not only as an imaginary contestation that effects the =20
failure in the workings of the inevitable law, but as an enabling =20
disruption, the occasion for a radical rearticulation of the symbolic =20=

horizon in which bodies come to matter at all=94 (Bodies That Matter =

Participants in the symposium are asked to address how notions of =20
identity are inscribed or erased as questions of citizenship are =20
reconsidered through the lenses of racialization, class movement, =20
sexual identity, and gendered/transgendered realities. Performing =20
Identity/Crossing Borders will be a symposium blending critical =20
performances and performance criticism. Papers or presentations will =20
address citizenship, racialization, gender and sexuality in the =20
context of borders and performance. Interdisciplinary and =20
performative critiques are welcome.

The site of the event will be Nicosia, Cyprus, emphasizing the nature =20=

of a state divided and how that effects the bodies that pass by, =20
over, and through spaces such as the =91dead zone=92 in disparate =20
political spheres.

Submit abstracts of 250 words to co-convenors David Bateman and Ashok =20=

Mathur by Dec. 15, 2006. The Centre for Innovation in Culture and the =20=

Arts in Canada, conference sponsor, will provide invitational letters =20=

of support to assist successful applicants seeking travel grants from =20=

their home or other arts institutions.

The Centre for Innovation in Culture and the Arts in Canada
Ashok Mathur:
David Bateman:

Ashok Mathur, Associate Professor =09=

Canada Research Chair in Cultural and Artistic Inquiry =09
Director, Centre for Innovation in Culture and the Arts in Canada
Thompson Rivers University
office: 250.852.6284=09
cell: 604.790.4910 =

Mailing Address:
OM1487, TRU ~ Box 3010 ~ 900 McGill Rd. ~ Kamloops, B.C. ~ Canada ~ =20
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