UPDATE: Untitled Collection on Grey's Anatomy (12/1/06; collection)

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Hillary Robson
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UPDATE on: *Grey's Anatomy* Collection 12/01/06

Edited by: Cynthia Burkhead (University of North Alabama) and Hillary Robson
(Middle Tennessee State University), with a preface written by David Lavery
(Brunel University).

We are seeking proposals for a new edited collection on the American
television series *Grey's Anatomy.
The ABC network series, *Grey's Anatomy *(hereafter *GA*), found unexpected
success after an abbreviated initial season of nine episodes in the spring
of 2005. Upon returning the following fall, ratings improved, and at the
close of the 2005-2006 season, *GA* was one of the top ten performing shows
in the American Neilsen market, including a 37.5 million post-Super Bowl
audience, the largest in United States history. Controversially, ABC
announced in May 2006 plans to reassign the series to a highly competitive
Thursday night timeslot against consistently first-place performer *CSI* on
rival CBS.* GA* stands apart from its network competition as a program that
utilizes a relationship-driven narrative to further plot and character
development*. *The objective of this collection is to examine *GA *from an
array of theoretical and critical approaches and disciplines.

Proposals are invited in, but not limited to, the following areas:

- Characters, characterization, stars and guest stars

- The female auteur

- Writing, narrative structure

- Women's bodies, pregnancy, and physicality

- Medical culture

- Sociological, psychological, historical, and anthropological

- Family: constructed families, mother/daughter relationships,
father/daughter relationships, et cetera

- Disease, illness, and treatment

- Audience and the role of the spectator

- Themes

- Metaphors and language

- Relationships: friendships, romantic relationships, work
relationships, and illicit affairs

- Religion

- Grey's Anatomy in relation to other series, films, or popular

- Genre

- Fans and fandom

- Aesthetics (music, set design, lighting, directing, sound, et

- Race and ethnicity

- The role of the creator and writing team

- Feminism and post feminism

- Allusions, intertexts, and ancestor texts

 We invite questions about other proposal topics or areas of interest that
you may wish to explore.

A publisher has expressed preliminary interest in this collection. Should
your essay be chosen for the collection, completed essays will be requested
by February 15, 2007, with revision and editing reserved for late spring.
(Please note, despite the extension in deadline for proposals, the deadline
for completed essays has not been extended.)

Deadline for proposals is December 1, 2006. They should be 500-800 words,
and accompanied by a brief biography and publication history. Proposals can
be submitted by email to: greysanatomybook_at_gmail.com
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