CFP: Literature *on* the Body (11/17/06; PCA/ACA, 4/4/07-4/7/07)

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Molly Moran
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PCA/ACA national conference organizers have indicated a strong
interest in my proposed panel, titled "The Story on the Body:
Textual Tattoos and the Corporeal Canvas".

Panel Description:

Whereas Melville's Queequeg is one of American literature's earliest
fictional tattooed characters, it is Hawthorne's Hester who upends
one of the conventions of the body in literature: Her scarlet "A"
reminds us of the role of her body in the novel, but it is the
adulterous story told on her body that positions Hester herself as a
text to be read.

This panel focuses not on the human form in literature, but on
literature inscribed upon the human form. Papers should address such
questions as: How does the body--a sexed and gendered object--in
turn "gender" its words? How does text rewrite the body? For whom
do we write when we write on and with our bodies?

> Possible paper topics include:
> Textual tattoos
> Engraved or lettered jewelry
> Buttons, badges, and patches
> Wearable technology (ex. the scrolling marquis LED belt buckle)
> Literature on clothing
> Representations of body-as-written-text (ex. Greenaway's *Pillow
> Book,* Shelley Jackson's *Skin,* Hawthorne's *Scarlet Letter*)

> Please send a brief abstract (250 words) and a note about your
> field and institutional affiliation by November 17, 2006. Email
> submissions and inquiries to Molly at this address:
> <>
> For more information on the conference, see http://

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