UPDATE: Elizabeth Bowen: New Critical Perspectives (12/10/06; collection)

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S. Osborn
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UPDATE: Elizabeth Bowen: New Critical Perspectives


New areas added.


Aims and intentions: Elizabeth Bowen=92s writing has always provoked =
controversy, from the publication of her first stories to her final =
discontinuous novel, Eva Trout. Yet despite the conspicuous =
irregularities in her fictional narratives, most of Bowen=92s past =
readers have avoided any discussion of those aspects of her work, in =
particular her experiments with style and language, that make her work =
complex and controversial. The aim of this collection is to broaden the =
critical framework of Bowen scholarship and to extend existing Bowen =
criticism. New readings of Bowen=92s fictional narratives that address =
the less customary and unexpected aspects of her work (and =
interpretations that relate those aspects to recent shifts in our =
thinking about modernism generally) as well as papers that address the =
uncertain relation between Bowen and her past and present readers are =
welcome. Also welcome are essays on her nonfiction. Finished essays =
should be 7000-10000 words. Deadline: 10 December 2006.


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