CFP: Conference Celebrating the 250th anniversary of the Birth of William Blake (UK) (1/30/07; 7/30/07-8/1/07)

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Angus Whitehead

Blake at 250: Celebrating the 250th Anniversary of the Birth of William Blake
  The Centre for Eighteenth Century Studies, The King's Manor, University of York
  30 July—1 August 2007
  First Call for Papers
  A three-day Conference, "Blake at 250", will celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of William Blake (1757-1827), one the most important & most challenging of British poets, artists & printmakers. It will be held at the Centre for Eighteenth Century Studies, The King's Manor, York, from Monday 30 July to Wednesday 1 August 2007. The Conference is tied to no one theme; instead it will serve as an opportunity to celebrate & explore a variety of aspects of Blake's life & work. It is hoped that the size & scope of this conference will provide a rare opportunity to raise & explore in some depth an array of topics & issues related to Blake's life & oeuvre. It will offer a forum in which to explore & discuss the current state of Blake studies during first decade of the 21st century & possible/desirable future directions.
  Possible subject areas for papers might include, but are by no means limited to:
   Biography & historical context (Blake's biographers; Blake & his circle; Catherine Blake: collaborator, wife, widow; Politics & radical print culture; Blake & France; Blake & Orientalism)
   Blake & Religion (Blake in relation to Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam; The religious & social milieus; Blake & the Moravian church; Swedenborg)
   Critical Reception ("Blake" as academic industry; The schools of Frye & Erdman; Changing attitudes towards Blake, 1790-2007; The impact of information technology on the study of Blake's texts & designs; Postmodernism)
   Blake & Women (Women & female voices in Blake's illuminated works, paintings, drawings & commercial engravings; Blake's women friends, readers, collectors & biographers 1780-2007; gender & female 'Experience'; feminism & Blake studies).
   Blake's presence in world culture (Blake as world poet & artist; Politics, science, theory & literature; Blake & film; music, art & poetry; Blake & children; Blake & ecology)
   Technical aspects (Blake's commercial engravings; Illuminated books & printing; Blake's neglected works: rejected plates, manuscripts, notebooks, letters, annotations, graffiti; intersections of image & text; printing, painting, engraving techniques; Blake's continual experimentation; Blake's language)
   The controversial Blake (Protest & war; Blake's "madness"; visions & otherworldly experiences; Recent controversies concerning Blake such as the 2006 sale of the Grave watercolours; The appropriation of 'Jerusalem' by the British far right)
  Abstracts (250 words) for 20 minute papers, & enquiries, should be sent to Angus Whitehead by 30 January 2007.
  WILLIAM BLAKE one who is very much delighted with being in good Company
  Born 28 Novr 1757 in London
  & has died several times since

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