CFP: Cooper and Early 19th-c American Lit (3/30/07; 7/8/07-7/12/07)

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16th International James Fenimore Cooper Conference & Seminar


July 8-12, 2007

The State University of New York

College at Oneonta


"The Coopers' Worlds: Literature & The Formation of a New American =
This year's Conference & Seminar will focus on J.F. Cooper & Susan =
Cooper's texts insofar as they deal with aesthetic, sociopolitical and =
other seminal issues in the early 19th Century. Other possible =
approaches could include such issues as Indian relocation, Romantic and =
post-Romantic conceptions of nature, the power of the popular press, the =
politics of publishing, utopias and alternative communities, popular =
religious movements, etc. For example, students in affiliated seminars =
will be analyzing sections of James Cooper's The American Democrat, his =
writings on the Anti-Rent Wars, Cooperstown before and after his =
European sojourn, Susan Cooper's essays and other writings on the =
suffragette question, et al. Our keynote speaker this year will be Dr. =
Wayne Franklin, whose long-awaited first volume of J. F. Cooper's =
biography will be published by Yale UP in late spring 2007. Thus, papers =
which deal in some meaningful way with the Coopers' contributions to the =
development of American letters and/or culture are especially welcome. =
However, papers that treat any other area of interest to Cooper scholars =
will also be considered.=20


Short abstracts that preview 20+ minute presentations should be sent to:


Dr. Richard Lee, Chair of the English Department

322 Netzer Administration Bldg.

SUNY College at Oneonta

Oneonta, NY 13820


by no later than March 30, 2007. *Submission by e-mail =
          is preferred:



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