CFP: Non-Standard Forms of Contemporary Drama and Theatre (Germany) (2/1/07; 5/17/07-5/20/07)

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Call for Papers
"Non-Standard Forms of Contemporary Drama and Theatre"
University of Heidelberg, Germany, May 17-20, 2007

The German Society for Contemporary Theatre and Drama in English (CDE)
announces its 16th Annual Conference (May 17-20, 2007). It will be
organized by the Chair of English Literature at the University of
Heidelberg and held at a conference venue in the town centre of Heidelberg.

Surviving features of the well-made play are its duration and segmentation:
for a number of reasons the autonomous full-length play comprising acts or
scenes continues to be the standard. Yet playwrights during the past 30
years have increasingly extended the repertory of non-standard forms,
either as one-off experiments or as part of a systematic programme. This
conference will survey a largely unmapped morphological border area; plays
that deviate from the standard self-contained two to three hours: sequels,
trilogies, theatre soaps, hyperdrama, additive/cumulative forms,
exceptionally long performances; premeditated changes in a running
production, roles taken alternately, recurrent characters; instances of
miniaturisation: one-act plays, skits, dramaticules, trailers. In line with
the organisation society's objectives, the conference emphasis will be on
playtexts written in English, but of course contributors may adduce
material placing such texts in a wider framework: plays in other languages
as well as analogous forms in other genres and media: blogs, fan fiction,
soap operas, collaborative hypertexts etc.

200-word abstracts of suggested papers (20 minutes or less) plus short
biographical note may be sent by Feb 1, 2007, to

Prof. Dr. Peter Paul Schnierer
English Department
Kettengasse 12
D-69117 Kettengasse 17
Phone: 0049-6221-542812
Fax: 0049-6221-542571

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