CFP: Robert Creeley (5/31/07; journal issue)

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Mehmet Baris GUMUSBAS


Dear Friends and Colleagues=3B
Journal of American Studies of Turkey is preparing a special issue to h=
onor the memory of Robert Creeley=2C one of America=E2=80=99s most celeb=
rated poets and whom we lost on March 30th=2C 2005=2E To be edited by R=
obert Bertholf (SUNY=2C Buffalo) and Bar=C4=B1=C5=9F G=C3=BCm=C3=BC=C5=9F=
ba=C5=9F (Hacettepe University)=2C the issue is planned to contain both =
scholarly essays and personal notes on Creeley=E2=80=99s life and work=2E=
 Submissions in MS Word format (or anything compatible) and as e-mail at=
tachments should be sent to Bar=C4=B1=C5=9F G=C3=BCm=C3=BC=C5=9Fba=C5=9F=
 at gumusbas=40yahoo=2Ecom by 31 May=2C 2007=2E If you prefer regular m=
ail=2C you can also send your submission as two hard copies and a copy o=
n a personal computer disc to the correspondence address given below=2E =
To reach the back issues of the journal and submission guidelines=2C ple=
ase visit http=3A//www=2Ebilkent=2Eedu=2Etr/=7Easat/ and click on the JA=
ST link=2E
Mailing Address=3A
Bar=C4=B1=C5=9F G=C3=BCm=C3=BC=C5=9Fba=C5=9F
Hacettepe =C3=9Cniversitesi=2C Edebiyat Fak=C3=BCltesi =

Amerikan K=C3=BClt=C3=BCr=C3=BC ve Edebiyat=C4=B1 B=C3=B6l=C3=BCm=C3=BC=2C=

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