CFP: Teaching Sex: In Public (1/22/07; CCC, 4/13/07-4/15/07)

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Douglas Dowland

Teaching Sex: In Public

This panel seeks papers that articulate pedagogies of sexuality in
the humanities, fine arts, and interpretive social
sciences. Especially welcome are papers that mix an understanding of
current methods and texts in the field with critical anecdotes about
classroom experiences.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

* Sexuality as Embedded in Particular Disciplines vs. Independent
Program or Department
* Negotiating Departmental and University Bureaucracy, State
Legislatures and Alumni
* Understanding the Role of Students: Personally, Culturally, Ideologically
* Eliciting Interest and Dispelling Misconceptions
* Developing and Maintenance of Professional Identity
* Working through Sexual Dynamics (Desire, Trauma, Etc.)
* Appropriating Non-University Resources
* Using Technology in the Classroom
* Creating and Deploying Assignments
* Theorizing the Greater Good of Sexuality Education
* Analyzing Successes, Failures and Ambivalences

Ideally, both participants and audience will leave the panel with a
sense of "best practices" in sexuality pedagogy.

Please attach a one-page summary of your proposed paper as well as a
condensed C.V., and e-mail both to <> by
January 22, 2007.

CRAFT CRITIQUE CULTURE is an interdisciplinary conference focusing on
the intersections between critical and creative approaches to writing
both within and beyond the academy.

This year's conference will examine the ways that sex and gender
define, delimit, distort, and dissolve the lines between public and
private spheres.

Keynote speakers include Lauren Berlant (U Chicago) and Sasha Waters (U Iowa).

The conference will be held April 13-15, 2007 on the campus of The
University of Iowa, in Iowa City.

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