CFP: Strategies of Critique XXI: Broke/n (grad) (1/25/07; 4/13/07-4/14/07)

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Call for Papers
Graduate Student Conference
April 13th and 14th, 2007
Department of Social and Political Thought
York University, Toronto
CFP deadline: January 25th, 2007

Has our reserve of practices and theories gone broke while the world is breaking
up all around us? How do theories that invoke brokenness—"the time is out of
joint" (Hamlet/Derrida), the multitude (Negri and Hardt), schizo analysis
(Deleuze and Gauttari), to mention only a few—contribute to, or impede, an
understanding of our contemporary world? Or, more importantly, how successfully
do these theories lead to praxes that can engage our contemporary world? Has a
new disillusionment called postmodern theory into question? Has postmodern
melancholy (Lyotard) turned into an ideology of cynicism (Sloterdijk/Zizek)?

In the face of class conflict, globalization, disasters, imperialism and war
what strategies can address these conditions of our postmodern times without
leading to disillusionment and cynicism? What are the theoretical and
historical phenomena underpinning the transition out of the postmodern?

Strategies of Critique is an annual interdisciplinary graduate conference hosted
by the Graduate Programme in Social & Political Thought at York University,
Toronto, Canada.

We welcome a broad range of submissions including, but not limited to, the

- Ideology and (anti-)globalization
- The limits of aestheticization
- The limits of the postmodern
- Class, gender, and race conflict
- Empire - dissolution, decline, rise and return
- A break with nature
- Breaking with the past
- Breaking up/revolution
- Broken theories or theories of brokenness
- Broken governments
- Broken traditions
- Broken identities
- Broken lines of communication
- Broken narratives
- Broken minds and bodies
- Broke - empty, lacking, bankrupt
- The Angel of History

Submission Guidelines:

Abstracts for papers (max 250 words) and all queries should be sent to The deadline for submissions is January 25th,

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