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Brian L. Johnson
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We are seeking contributors for a work provisionally entitled, The Civil
War and Reconstruction Era: 1850s-1877 in the Conflicts in American
History series. The work is under contract with Bruccoli Clark
Layman/Manly, Inc. Contributors will receive $250 for essay chapters
that will consist of the following elements: 1. 2000-3000 word
background essay introducing the conflict, the people involved, the
nature of the conflict and its resolution. 2. A specific chronology of
the conflict 3. 10-20 historical documents both in facsimile and in
reprinted text form, each with an objective head note (150-300 words)
that correlates to the conflict 4. A list of recommended readings. 5. 2
illustrations that correlate to the conflict. Persons who are interested
in becoming a contributor should contact: Dr. Brian Johnson


Legal and Constitutional Conflict

Dred Scott, the Law, and the Status of Slaves

The Emancipation Proclamation

The Reconstruction Amendments

Political Conflict

Antebellum Sectional Compromises: The Missouri Compromise, the
Compromise of 1850, and the Kansas-Nebraska Act

The Secession Crisis

The Reconstruction State Governments

The Compromise of 1877

The Rise of Machine Politics

Conflict in the West

Cowboys and 'Indians' (Native Americans)

Railroads and Industrialization

US Expansion

The Conflict of War

Blood and Battles

African Americans in the Military

Military Leadership in Confederate and Union

Domestic Terrorism and the Ku Klux Klan

Social Conflict

Abolitionism versus Proslavery Forces

Sectionalism: Northern Industry versus Southern Agriculture

Planters versus Freedmen: The Freedmen's Bureau and Reconstructing the
Southern Economy

The Women's Movement

Sexuality and Miscegenation

Immigrants Old and New

Religious, Moral and Ethical Conflict

Darwin and Science

Temperance Campaigns

Religion in the Age of Slavery and Freedom


Brian L. Johnson, Ph.D

Associate Professor of English/Director, Jonathan Jasper Wright
Institute for the Study of Southern African American History, Culture &

Claflin University

400 Magnolia St.

Orangeburg, SC 29115

803-535-5092 (office)

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