CFP: (dis)junctions 2007: General Topic (grad) (1/5/07; 4/6/07-4/7/07)

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(dis)junctions 2007: Malappropriation Nation
April 6th and 7th 2007
Call for Papers: general topic, humanities and social
sciences University of California Riverside's
Fourteenth Annual Graduate Humanities Conference
Abstract deadline: 1/5/07
The framework for (dis)junctions 2007:
Malappropriation Nation might be imagined in relation
to what the 20th century American poet Susan Howe
calls the idea of "Lawlessness," the acting outside of
acceptable boundaries and ideologies. In developing
this year's theme, we are hoping to formulate panels
in which conventional or popular theories are used and
in turn reworked/rethought/re-imagined in ways that
may be more useful and empowering. How can we think of
theories outside of their original intent?
Correspondingly, where do we witness
artists/writers/theorists restructuring the
conventions of tradition? Also, how can theories,
ideas and artistic objects be used against their
intended purposes; how can a theory be used against
the author's objective? We thus imagine this idea of
"malappropriation" as being both empowering and
Although we are interested in hearing papers on all
topics, some possible themes you may consider for the
Misreading, re-reading
Authorship, multiple authorships, rights of authorship
The crossing of artistic, political and social
Speaking/Writing the taboo
Experimental art
Experimental use of mediums
New Media translations of texts
The misuse or mistreatment of the ideology of freedom
(for example, in the War on Terror how is freedom
We are, of course, also interested in all genre and
period-related papers. (dis)junctions is a large
conference, spanning a number of themes - all topics
are welcome!
Creative pieces and artwork are also highly
Please email abstracts (250-300 words) to Also, please note any A/V
needs you may have - we can obtain VCRs, DVDs, and
projectors for laptops. Less standard equipment is
possible (although not guaranteed) upon request.
For further information, please visit last year's
website and also check for new updates on this year's

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