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Judith Rosenbaum
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Announcement & Call for submissions

A new, special issue of Participations: Journal of Audience and Reception
studies, a new journal which aims to provide an on-line, interdisciplinary forum
for the fields of audience and reception studies, is now available.

Volume 3, Issue #2 (November, 2006) is a special issue on international audience
research, guest edited by Ramaswami Harindranath. It includes a wide variety of
contributions, from Montiel's study into television news in Mexico, to
Machado-Borges' work on the reception of telenovelas in Brazil, to Jung's
article on Japanese female fandom. In this issue you will also find articles on
phenomenological geography, fantasy literature, and a piece by Egan and Barker
on the challenges, problems, and possibilities of international audience research.

Particip_at_tions is always on the look-out for contributions from a wide range of
disciplines that focus on audience research. It publishes contributions from
various approaches, such as, sociology, psychology, anthropology,
linguistics/discourse theory and cultural and media studies. Additionally, since
important notions about audiences have emerged from outside the 'mainstream'of
media audience research, Particip_at_tions will also publish noteworthy
contributions from fields such as museum and heritage studies; literary studies;
educational studies, as well as interesting contributions from fields outside

Briefly -
Particip_at_tions aims to

- publish research from different approaches, without the limitations on length
 and presentation of evidence which can cramp and weaken such work;
- encourage open debate between different approaches and methodologies;
- encourage collaborations across academic disciplines, areas and countries;
- provide a place where people may find materials and bibliographies for use in
teaching, and research training;
- provide a focal point for the development of the broad field, including the
organization of conferences and other kinds of fora.

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