CFP: Transgressive/Exploitation/Trash/Horror/Experimental/Cinema (12/15/06; SW/TX PCA/ACA, 2/4/07-2/17/07)

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Call for Papers-Transgressive/Exploitation/Trash/Horror/Experimental Cinema Extended Deadline

Southwest/Texas Popular & American Culture Associations 28th Annual

The Area chair is seeking paper submissions and presentations on ANY aspect of Transgressive/Exploitation/Trash/Horror Cinema All proposals considered.

According to one critic, Transgressive cinema is film that pushes the envelope to the point of tearing it. Films, which are sometimes disturbing in tone, but still may have significant value. A Transgressive film may also just be exploitive trash as well. Certain horror films can also be considered “Transgressive.” One could also put some experimental films in this category.

Some filmmakers to consider

Nick Zedd/Richard Kern/Genesis P. O and Psychic TV/Mathew Barney/Kenneth Anger/Herman Nitsch/Dwain Esper/H.G. Lewis/ Ruggero Deodato/Fulci/Fellini/Argento/ Umberto Lenzi/ Bruno Mattei/Andy Milligan/Dali/Brunel/ Jörg Buttgereit/ Jan Svankmajer/ Ken Jacobs/Craig Baldwin/ Takashi Miike/ ABEL FERRARA/ Tony Tenser/Pete Walker/ Monika Treut among many many others.
These are only a FEW of the filmmakers once could look at. The area chair does plan on editing a book in the future on Transgressive Cinema so papers will be considered.

Anyone interested in this exciting session should contact the area chair by December 15th.
 Please include all contact information.
Rob Weiner
Box 53841
Lubbock texas
February 14-17, 2007
 Conference Rates: Professionals, $140; Graduate students $120; Spouse, partner
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