UPDATE: Reinvigorating Robinson (1/15/07; ALA, 5/24/07-5/27/07)

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Please note extended deadline: January 15, 2007

Edwin Arlington Robinson's (1869-1935) most popular poems consistently
appear in numerous American poetry anthologies and high school
textbooks, his Collected Poems are carried by "big box" bookstores, and
one of his poems was even the subject of the Simon and Garfunkel song
"Richard Cory." Scott Donaldson's forthcoming biography demonstrates
that Robinson remains a figure of literary interest. However, the
scarcity of recent critical work is remarkable; Donaldson's biography
is the first in more than sixty years. So why does Robinson's poetry
encourage so little critical attention if he was and is still a public,
published poet? This proposed ALA panel is soliciting 400-600 word
abstracts for papers no more than 20 minutes in length reinvigorating
study on Robinson as a poet of scholarly interest. The panel offers an
opportunity to revise poetic reading practices, literary history, and
genre study in relation to Robinson's unique verse.

Please email proposals to Elissa Zellinger at: ezell_at_email.unc.edu

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