CFP: Literature and Social Activism in Canada (1/20/07; 5/27/07-5/29/07)

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domenic beneventi

May 27, 28 and 29, 2006
University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Panel: Literature and Social Activism

Collaboration, communication, and the language of debate used in
social activism are crucial to the success of any politicized movement
that attempts to shape public opinion. Social activism can be
expressed in a wide variety of forms; writing to newspapers, political
pressure on elected officials, demonstrations, rallies, street
marches, essays, proletarian novels, protest poetry, testimonials,
graffiti, and more radical guerilla tactics which aim to disrupt the
social, political, or economic status quo of the nation.

Recent movements of social activism in Canada have employed both old
and new forms of collaboration (pamphleteering, chapbooks, public
performances, protest stagings, physical occupation, the internet) to
bring about concrete changes, particularly within the context of
continually shrinking social programs and availability of affordable
housing. Movements such as FRAPRU and ATSA use art,
theatre, music, literature, poetry, and performance as integral
aspects of their social activism.

This panel invites papers that discuss the role of literature and
writing in social activism in Canada. Papers may address the
literature of social activism as well as representations of social
activism in literary texts.

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