CFP: Rerouting the Postcolonial (UK) (3/2/07; 7/3/07-7/4/07)

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Tolan Fiona

Call for Papers



The University of Northampton, UK, 3-4 July 2007 (07/03/07 - 07/04/07)


To mark the re-launch of the journal World Literature Written in English =
as the Journal of Postcolonial Studies, The Centre for Contemporary =
Fiction and Narrative, University of Northampton, and the Journal of =
Postcolonial Writing, in association with Taylor and Francis publishers =
and the UK Network for Modern Fiction Studies, hosts:

Keynote Speakers -=20


Simon Gikandi =20

Patrick Williams=20

Elleke Boehmer=20

Alastair Niven

In an increasingly mobile and globalised world, new ROUTES become =
available to people through movement, migration, diaspora and =
relocation, and through the temporary inhabiting of new spaces offered =
by cosmopolitan travel and tourism. These movements contribute to a =
critique of ROOTS - of fixed origins and traditional identity frameworks =
such as family, society and nation. Looking to recent developments and =
influences, and exploring both routes and roots, this conference seeks =
to REROUTE THE POSTCOLONIAL - to address the tensions that both amplify =
and redirect postcolonial studies in the 21st century.


Some key questions underpinning this conference:

What REROUTINGS of the postcolonial occur due to accelerated movements =
of peoples, the theorizing of diaspora, transformed modes of production =
through the impact of global technologies, new paradigms such as the =
glocal, and the reshaping of culture and the environment by =
globalization? What is the effect of the current shift away from =
resistant and counter discourses and the politics of liberation and =
representation? How is "writing" the postcolonial, in areas such as =
pedagogy, genre and the canon, and aesthetic and textual practices, =
changing in response to these developments?


Possible topics include:

third world cosmopolitan versus/complementing theories of the indigenous

diasporic theory and the transformation of existing postcolonial =

revisiting empire in an age of transnational migration

new itineraries and iterations of modernity and post-modernity

migration, exile and changing identities

global travel, tourism and new geographies

interrogations of the aesthetics of resistance

cultural representations and reimaginings of social transformation

the environment and eco-critical perspectives

the postcolonial sacred and/or profane

new and old spoken/written/visual media in a global age

changing modes and practices in "writing" and teaching the postcolonial


Please send abstracts of 200-300 words by Friday 2 March 2007 (03/02/07) =
to: and

Conference organisers: Janet Wilson, Fiona Tolan and Alison Rudd

Registration Fees (excluding accommodation and food - further details =
available on request):=20

Before 1 April 2007: =A365 (=A335 - students and unwaged)

After 1 April: =A385 (=A345 - students and unwaged)

At the door: =A3100 (=A350 - students and unwaged) =20

Cheques (sterling only) or international money orders, payable to THE =
UNIVERSITY OF NORTHAMPTON, to Chris Woolmore, The University of =
Northampton, St George's Avenue, Northampton, NN2 6JD, UK.=20

Associate Editor
Journal of Postcolonial Writing
Dr Fiona Tolan
Department of English Studies
University of Northampton
St George's Avenue

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