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M/C Journal is looking for new contributors. M/C is a crossover journal
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                          Call for Papers: 'adapt'
                Edited by Patrick West & Jeannette Delamoir

'Adapt' immediately suggests the artistic notion of adaptation: reworking a
work of art across the boundaries of media, audience, and context of
presentation. But once shaken loose from its attachment to this narrowly
artistic formulation of adaptation, adapt seems to structure virtually all
aspects of our biological and cultural selves. Darwinism holds that an
organism - over millennia - adapts new forms and behaviours in order to
survive, while the business of global and technological living demands a
sort of accelerated Darwinism on a scale of minutes and moments. We adapt
into something, but what is it that we adapt from? Does stripping back the
layers of adaptation ever uncover something not itself just another
adaptation? And why is this (fiction of the) original so often given
precedence over the simulacrum, the copy, the adaptation? Adapt sutures the
poles of such cultural hierarchies.

Adapt also plunges us into the mystery of creativity itself, fracturing the
illusion of originality to precisely the degree that it presupposes layers
of difference infiltrating the universe's 'steady state'. Postmodern
circumstances such as cyborg existence - a combinatorial difference -depend
upon just such a concept of adapt, which brings things together without
forfeiting entirely what tends to keep them apart. The ethics of adapt
might be found in the way it opens the whole gamut of culture up to
difference. For when it comes right down to it, isn't 'to adapt' the slogan
of everything? Thought, writing, art: these seem inevitably products of
adaptation, to the extent that an infinity of previous instantiations must
always be assumed. All thought proceeds from previous thought, all writing
from previous writing, and no art is ever born ex nihilo.

Our call for papers encourages contributions about adapt that themselves
act as adaptations, revising whatever may have settled into a stasis of
meaning. The following list of topics should be considered suggestive
rather than prescriptive:

- adapt in cross-arts practice environments
- adapt as strategy of cultural and/or gender and/or ethnic identity
- adapt as mechanism of difference production
- adapt and nostalgia for the original
- adapt and case studies of adaptation
- adapt as resistance or submission to power
- adapt and new understandings of Darwinism

Submit your essays of 3000 words in length to the editors at

Article deadline: 9 March 2007
Issue release date: 2 May 2007

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