CFP: Literary Representations of Disability and the Dialectic of Dependency (5/1/07; journal issue)

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David Bolt

Literary scholars are invited to submit an article for the second special
issue of the Journal of Literary Disability (JLd), which will be entitled
Disability and the Dialectic of Dependency.

The recent publication of Martha Nussbaum's Frontiers of Justice has focused
attention on an extensive scholarship on dependency relations in issues of
social justice, public policy and personal /social identity. A good deal of
this work has concerned disability and the role of care-giving, reciprocal
dependency and shared dependency work. The writings of Albert Memmi, Eva
Kittay, Alasdaire Macintyre, Michael Berube and others have asked whether
claims for access, both to public spaces and social justice, can adequately
be addressed by liberal models of independence and equality but must also
include dependent and interdependent relations. This special issue of JLD
asks scholars to think about the role of such relations in literary
productions, whether in literary works that figure the relationships between
patient and family member or care-giver or in theoretical works that
problematise the autonomy of the individual.

The issue will be edited by Dr. Michael Davidson and Dr. David Bolt. The
deadline for manuscripts is 1 May 2007, so proposals should be sent to David
as soon as possible:

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