CFP: Stories of Empire: Narratological Directions in Postcolonial Theory and Practice (Austria) (4/15/07; 9/13/07-9/15/07)

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Dr. Christa Knellwolf

Call for Papers

Title of conference: "Stories of Empire: Narratological Directions in =
Postcolonial Theory and Practice"

Time: 13-15 September 2007

Venue: University of Vienna

Deadline for the submission of abstracts: 15 April 2007


Convenors: A/Prof. Christa Knellwolf and Prof Margarete Rubik



It has been generally accepted that the idea of a unified and smoothly =
functioning British Empire was a product of the imagination and that =
similar fantasies informed the public perception of all European =
empires. But it is still a matter of speculation how such ideas =
originated and retained their salience beyond the formal dissolution of =
colonial demesnes.=20

This conference is aiming to uncover the discursive strategies that =
disseminated attitudes and mentalities in favour of colonial =
enterprises. A major goal will be to re-assess postcolonial theory for =
its capacity to explain the illusions, fantasies and material promises =
disseminated through factual and fictional descriptions of the encounter =
between colonial 'masters' and their subjugated peoples.=20

We welcome studies of the different kinds of narrative that tried to =
make sense of the cross-cultural encounters and called into existence =
fantasies of Western superiority. Further topics of interest relate to =
the conflict-ridden attempts to theorise sovereignty in overseas =
territories and the formation of postcolonial nation states.=20

This interdisciplinary conference is relevant to scholars in the fields =
of critical theory, literary studies, cross-cultural studies, history, =
art history, politics, law and related disciplinary fields.=20

Please send your abstract of 250-300 words to Christa Knellwolf =
( or Margarete Rubik =
( before 15 April 2007.

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