UPDATE: Rhizomes: Feminisms' Others (3/15/07; journal issue)

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Carol Siegel
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Special Issue: Rhizomes 14: "Feminism's Others"

As with Rhizomes 7, Theory's Others, this special issue will provide a
space for theorists whose work falls outside the usual academic
boundaries, but here the focus will be on feminist thought. In that
feminism fundamentally aims to correct misconceptions about women in
order to bring about social and cultural gender equality, feminists must
represent -- and circulate representations -- of women as a group, which
would be impossible without making some general statements about women.

Most feminist activists inside and outside academe recognize women's
diversity and try to be inclusive rather than defining the group called
"women" by exclusion. However, in practice, feminist generalizations
about women often do exclude certain types of behavior, desires,
self-images, histories, creative and intellectual pursuits. I am
particularly interested in hearing from women whose work concerns what
seems denied or even abjected by the dominant/majoritist trends in
feminist theory today.

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Submissions due by March 15th, 2007.

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