CFP: Delmore Schwartz, the Middle Generation, and the Mid-Century (3/5/07; MLA '07)

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Ben Schreier
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Delmore Schwartz, the Middle Generation, and the Mid-Century

This proposed special session for MLA 2007 seeks to examine Delmore Schwartz
in the context of the so-called middle generation poets and their
relationship to 20th century American versification, literary criticism, and
literary culture. Of particular interest are papers that analyze style,
technique, and genre by attending to their function as cultural forms, modes
wherein culturally significant meanings are figured.

Questions relevant to this panel include the following: What are the
qualities and interests that characterize middle generation poetry and how
does Schwartz express or challenge those characteristic qualities and
interests? Is "the middle generation" a useful literary historical or
cultural historical designation? How do Schwartz and the middle generation
fit into an intellectual history of 20th century American poetry? Where do
they fit into a history of US literary culture during the Cold War? Is there
an identifiable intellectual tradition into which we can read Schwartz and
the middle generation poets? How should middle generation poetry be
considered in relation to Partisan Review and/or New York Intellectual
culture? Who were (or are) the inheritors of middle generation poetics? What
are the correct cultural, social, and/or political contexts in which to
consider Schwartz and middle generation poets, poetry, and poetics? Is
"modernism" a useful category through which to engage an analysis of
Schwartz and the middle generation poets?

If your interest in Schwartz doesn't seem to fit under one of these rubrics,
try me; send any questions to Ben Schreier at

Email submissions with MS Word attachments preferred. All panelists must be
members of the Modern Language Association by April 1, 2007.

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