CFP: Memory Ireland (5/15/07; collection)

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Call for Submissions: Memory Ireland

Essay submissions are invited for a proposed collection entitled =8CMemory
Ireland=B9. Cultural memory has garnered increasing attention within Irish
Studies, but while =8Cmemory=B9 is often mentioned, it has remained largely
undefined, addressed only laterally; despite the ease with which we have
used the term =8Cmemory=B9 in recent decades, it is not an easy concept. We hav=
avoided discussion of how our cognitive capacity for memory might influence
the formation of cultural memory, as well as how cultural memory itself
shifts over time. Does cultural memory rely on memories of individuals and
thus on cognitive principles, or does it take shape beyond the borders of
the individual mind? What do stereotypes of Irish memory =AD as extensive,
unforgiving, begrudging, but also blank on particular, usually traumatic,
subjects =AD reveal about the ways in which cultural remembrance works in
contemporary Irish culture, and in Irish diasporic culture? Might =8CIrish
cultural memory=B9 be said to differ from one time to another, from one place
to another, or does something remain constant within the sphere of cultural
memory? This collection will attempt to map, in other words, a landscape of
cultural memory in Ireland.

Theoretical, speculative and cross-disciplinary work will be particularly
welcomed. Possible topics include but are not limited to:
n the relationship between cultural memory and cognitive principles of
n theoretical perspectives on memory using cognitive science, neuroscience,
and / or psychology;
n analysis of the role of memory in Irish culture from any period;
n memory and the Irish state;
n memory and colonialism;
n memory and post-colonialism;
n memory and language;
n memory and place;
n trauma and history;
n forgetting in Irish cultural memory;
n the relationship between memory and history;
n =8Csites of memory=B9: literary, historical, memorial, topographical, etc.
n literature as a medium for cultural memory;
n analysis of specific figures/ authors as mediators of cultural memory in
n analysis of specific events/ periods as significant within Irish cultural
n the construction of cultural memory;
n immigration and cultural memory.

Deadline for submissions: May 15th, 2007. Enquiries and submissions to:
Dr Oona Frawley,=20
School of English
Trinity College Dublin
Dublin 2

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