CFP: Reception Study (5/1/07; 9/27/07-9/29/07)

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Philip Goldstein
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The University of Missouri at Kansas City,
Thurs, September 27th, through Sat., the 29th, 2007.

Suggestions for panels and papers in all areas of English, American, and
other literatures, media, and book history are welcome. Here are some
possible panels and topics:
1. The Reception of /Brokeback Mountain/, including internet activity
2. The reception of serialized fiction in periodicals.
3. Marxism and reception study
4. Rereading /Huckleberry Finn/
5. The Reception of Toni Morrison's fiction
6. Reading Torture Or Human Rights in Literature
7. Rereading Stanley Fish's Is there a Text in this Class?
8. Reception and nineteenth-century (American) women's fiction
9. Trans-Atlantic receptions of British and American fiction
10. American fiction and reception as (re)construction
11. Feminist theories of reception
12. Reception and/of children's literature(s)
13. The politics of reception study
14. Reception and the opening of the literary canon
15. Television audiences and reception
16. Reception and dissemination of print culture
17. Active audience theory/study
18. Intersections between reception study and effects studies

1. John Frow,
"Afterlife: Texts as Usage"
He was Regius Professor of Rhetoric and English Literature at the
University of Edinburgh and is presently Chair of English Language and
Literature at the University of Melbourne. His publications include/
Genre/ (2005); /Accounting for Tastes: Australian Everyday Cultures/
(with Tony Bennett and Michael Emmison, 1999); /Time and Commodity
Culture: Essays in Cultural Theory and Postmodernity/ (1997); /Cultural
Studies and Cultural Value /(1995); /Australian Cultural Studies: A
Reader/ (1993); and /Marxism and Literary History/ (1986)

2. Janet Staiger,
"The Revenge of the Film Education Movement: Cult Movies and Fan
Interpretive Behaviors"
She is William P. Hobby Centennial Professor in Communication and
Professor of Women's and Gender Studies at the University of Texas at
Austin. Her recent publications include /Media Reception Studies
/(2005),/ Perverse Spectators : The Practices of Film Reception/
(2000), /Blockbuster TV: Must-See Sitcoms in the Network Era/ (2000)
and the co-edited volume (with David Gerstner) /Authorship and Film

3. Patsy Schweikart,
"The Receiving Function: Ethics and Reading."
She is Professor of English and Women's Studies, Purdue University. She
has published on feminist reception study, including "Toward a Feminist
Theory of Reading"/ /and the co-edited volumes /Gender and Reading /and,
most recently, /Reading Sites: Social Difference and Reader Response /

4. David Paul Nord,
"Ephemeral and Elusive: Journalism History as Reading History"
He is Professor of Journalism and American Studies, Indiana University
and the author of /Faith in Reading: Religious Publishing and the Birth
of Mass Media in America /(2004); /Communities of Journalism: A History
of American Newspapers and Their Readers/ (2001); and /Newspapers and
New Politics: Midwestern Municipal Reform/ (1981). He is co-editing
/The Enduring Book: Publishing in Post War America/, Volume 5 of /A
History of the Book in America/ (forthcoming).

Proposals are due by May 1. *Selected papers from the conference will be
published in Reception: Texts, Readers, Audiences, History (the RSS
journal)*. To suggest papers or panels or for more information, please
contact the organizers:
Philip Goldstein Tom Poe
University of Delaware, Department of Media Studies,
333 Shipley St., University of Missouri
Wilmington, DE 19801 -Kansas City 202 Haag Hall
                                        5120 Rockhill Road
                                        Kansas City, MO

Or visit the RSS webpage:
The Reception Study Society (RSS) seeks to promote informal and formal
exchanges between scholars in several related fields: reader-response
criticism and pedagogy, reception study, history of reading and the
book, audience and communication studies, institutional studies, and
feminist, black, ethnic, gay, postcolonial, religious, and other studies.

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