CFP: Sound in Stevens: Special Edition of WSJ (7/15/07; journal issue)

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The Wallace Stevens Journal: special issue on Sound in Stevens (7/15/07; =
journal issue)


Given Wallace Stevens' pronouncements about the significance of sound =
and the prominent attention to sound and sonic phenomena throughout his =
poetry, it is time again to devote attention to this important facet of =
his poetics. This special issue of The Wallace Stevens Journal welcomes =
papers on any aspect of the expressivity of sound in Stevens. =
Particularly welcome are papers on the rhythms of Stevens' verse as well =
as articles that introduce new scholarly directions since the Fall 1991 =
WSJ volume, "Stevens and Structures of Sound." Suggested topics follow:


=A8 Stevens' play with the sonic properties of English, French, and =
other foreign or symbolic languages

=A8 The role of rhythm and other sonic poetic structures in =
Stevens' verse

=A8 The non-semantic and other properties of sound that might =
interest Stevens

=A8 Explications, with examples, of Stevens' famous pronouncements =
and winking subterfuges regarding the role of sound and the sound of =
words in poetry

=A8 The range of human and non-human speakers in Stevens' verse

=A8 Consideration of how sound in Stevens may or may not connect =
with Stevens' politics

=A8 Critical resistance or impediments to studies of sound and =
rhythm in Stevens

=A8 The significance of Stevens' experiments with sound in relation =
to other modernist as well as later experimental writers

=A8 Reflection on Stevens' reading style and reception of his =
poetry readings, live and recorded


Papers should be sent by July 15, 2007, to:


Natalie Gerber

Department of English

277 Fenton Hall

SUNY Fredonia=20

Fredonia, NY 14063

Email: <>=20

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