CFP: What's a Feminist to do with Melville (3/10/07; MLA '07)

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Charlene Avallone
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What=92s a Feminist to Do with Melville?
Melville Society Session
MLA, Chicago, December 27-30, 2007

Feminist criticism contributes a stimulating, if still compact, =20
scholarship in the field of Melville studies. The past three decades =20=

of feminist study have not only revisited questions of Melville and =20
misogyny, but also renewed interest in his short fiction, poetry, and =20=

Pierre; opened up the significance of gendered figures in his texts; =20
reconsidered his career through new historical models of authorship; =20
and more.

This panel invites feminist critical engagement of Melville=92s =20
writing, including such topics as:
Reevaluations; critiques; appreciations; comparative studies of =20
Melville with women writers; comparative studies of Melville=92s gender =20=

politics with other men writers; Melville=92s place in feminist =20
literary history; genealogy of feminist Melville studies; Melville =20
and the history of feminism; feminist Melville study in a post-=20
feminist world; new directions for feminist study of Melville.

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