UPDATE: ELN "Queer Space" (4/1/07; journal issue)

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New Deadline For Submissions: April 1, 2007

Call for Papers: ELN 45.2, Fall/Winter 2007, "Queer Space"

Volume 45.2 of the new ELN (Fall/Winter 2007) seeks to make a radical
intervention in the discourses of both spatiality and sexuality studies.
Contributors will explore gay, lesbian, bisexual, and queer definitions of
space not only in relation to the built environment but in response to a range
of boundaries and sites. We invite analyses of conceptual, geographical,
discursive, virtual, and metaphoric understandings of queer space, welcoming in
particular interdisciplinary essays that move beyond extant work on the topic
that deals primarily with male experience.

Contributors may consider, for example, any of the following: how homosexual
desire inverts or complicates the logic of inside/outside; how representations
of queer space intercede in the relations between visibility and power; how
erotic connections construct a queer counter-public; how spaces such as
streets, sex clubs, tearooms, and parks complicate notions of public and
private; how the meaning of interior design and domestic space shifts when
considered in relation to the ideologies and institutions of sexuality; how
intimate physical contact with geographical spaces offers refuge from the
perceived tyranny of heterosexuality; and how the mapping of a gay, lesbian, or
bisexual subculture onto local, national, and international communities
potentially reframes the categories of sex, gender, sexuality, nationality, and
race. This ELN issue welcomes considerations of queer space that provide more
than strictly sexual definitions of the term, and move beyond arguments that
disclaim "queer" either as excessively capacious or exclusionary (as it seeks
to embrace readings of the ways women and lesbians occupy these spaces). By
broadening the conceptual framework of spatiality and sexuality studies beyond
the parameters that typically have defined it for the past decade, we aim to
examine how the obsessions, anxieties, and taboos that characterize what we
might call amoral sensual spaces come to be linked with gay and lesbian

The editors solicit original work that seeks to challenge
heteronormativeunderstandings of "space" while problematizing the term "queer."
Position papers, notes, and essays of no longer than 20 manuscript pages are
invited on this subject from scholars in all fields of literary and cultural
studies; the editors would be delighted to consider together two or more
contributions engaging one another on particular themes to be published as
topical clusters. Book reviews on queer space topics are also welcome.

Please send contributions and/or proposals to:

The Editors
English Language Notes
University of Colorado at Boulder
226 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0226

Deadline for submissions is April 1, 2007.

Specific inquires regarding Volume 45.2 may be directed to the issue editor,
Jane Garrity, via e-mail garrity_at_buffmail.colorado.edu.

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