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National Central University, Journal of Humanities


Call for Submissions


1. The Journal of Humanities is a purely academic journal sponsored =
by the College of Liberal Arts of National Central University. As of =
July 2007 it will become a quarterly journal, with issues appearing in =
January, April, July, and October.

2. The main goal of the journal is to promote =
=A1=A7interdepartmental, interdisciplinary, and intercultural=A1=A8 =
humanities research, and we welcome contributions from domestic and =
foreign scholars on related topics in literature, history, philosophy, =
art, society, or culture.

3. Every issue will have a main theme incorporating several =
articles and reviews, but will also publish papers falling outside the =
theme; a schedule of special topics will be published on the =
journal=A1=A6s website. Book reviews should, in principle, cover =
academic books published in the previous three years. Full papers =
should be around 30 pages in length (no more than 20,000 characters for =
Chinese submissions), and book reviews around 5 pages (no more than =
5,000 characters for Chinese submissions). Chinese, English, and French =
are the preferred languages for articles, but submissions in Japanese =
and German will also be considered.

4. Submissions are reviewed in a two-stage process. Initial review =
is done by the editor or other local scholars; after this, articles are =
given to two external reviewers. In the event that the external =
reviewers disagree, the piece will be sent to a third external reviewer. =
 All reviewers will be recommended by the editorial board. Please =
ensure that no data identifying the author appear in the main text, =
abstract, or footnotes of the submitted manuscript.

5. The journal will accept submissions at any time, but submissions =
for any particular special issue must be received three months in =
advance of publication. Manuscripts will not be returned; authors may =
expect to hear about the status of their submissions within three =
months. The journal will not accept submissions which have been =
previously published in print or online, are currently under =
consideration elsewhere, or which have been submitted as a thesis for an =
academic degree.

6. Submissions should include the following:

i. Title page, including author=A1=A6s name, title, =
affiliation, and contact address, email, and phone.

ii. Abstract (under 350 words) and keywords (three to =

iii. Paper with notes (compare published examples for =

iv. Works cited (compare published examples for format)

7. In the even that copyright permissions are required (e.g., for =
the use of illustrations or extended citations), please first secure =
permissions before submitting to the journal; the journal will not be =
responsible for any copyright issues.

8. Authors of accepted articles may be responsible for additional =
revision before publication.

9. Authors of accepted articles must agree to publication by this =
journal in paper and electronic formats. Published articles may not be =
reprinted, translated, or excerpted without express written consent of =
this journal.

10. After publication of an article, authors will receive three =
complementary copies of the issue in which the article appears, as well =
as thirty offprints of the article; no monetary compensation will be =
offered. Authors of book reviews will receive three complementary =
copies only.

11. To submit an article, please send three copies, plus a Word file on =
disk or CD, to: Editorial Committee, Journal of Humanities, College of =
Liberal Arts, National Central University, 300 Chungta Road, Wu-Chuan =
District, Chungli City, Taoyuan County, Taiwan, 32001; or submit by =
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