UPDATE: Representing Segregation (3/15/07; journal issue)

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Updated CFP
The guest editors of a special issue of African American Review on Repre=
senting Segregation are still looking for proposals for projects that ad=
dress the special issue topic in the late nineteenth century=2E =

The extended deadline for proposals on the late nineteenth century is Ma=
rch 15=2C 2007=2E Send inquiries or proposals to Brian Norman (normbria=40=
isu=2Eedu) and Piper Kendrix Williams (williamp=40tcnj=2Eedu) Complet ed=
 papers will due by May 1=2C 2007=2E More information=2C including the o=
riginal CFP for the special issue =2C is available at=3A www=2Eisu=2Eedu=
/=7Enormbria/aar=2E See also African American Review=27s website at=A0 h=

Brian Norman=2C Ph=2ED=2E
Assistant Professor of English
Co-Director of Women=27s Studies
Idaho State University
office=3A LA 155 =7C phone=3A 208=2E282=2E4384

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